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Emily Jennings
I write to shock you into healing | Wellness & Oneness Writing | Meditation & Ayurveda Teacher | IG: @wellnessoneness |

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The universe is trying to get in touch. Don’t miss the messages

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Your life is full of meaning. There isn’t a single thing happening to you that is random or meaningless. The universe has consciousness and intelligence in every inch of its being. You are part of its being, so you are full of the same intelligence and consciousness. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that everywhere you turn, there are messages and manifestations of that meaning.

The universe is working with you.

You just need to start working with it.

Most people don’t even try to work with it. They assume that life is harsh and that they must make…

Do you need mental health days? You probably need to change your career.

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There is no force on this planet that should ever convince you to do something that is uncomfortable for a sustained period of time, especially at your job. Plenty of people will try to convince you that you need to experience pain in order to have a good outcome. There are messages coming at you from your friends, family, and the internet telling you that it’s normal to sort of hate your job. They are unhappy in their jobs, so why shouldn’t you be, too?

In the past few days, I have seen many headlines on various websites that are…

Share your thoughts and stories about philosophy, consciousness, and spirituality with the world.

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I started The Existence publication to help people understand life in new ways. I see a need for readers and writers to find peace and expand their realities. The world needs healing and I think the only way to truly put humanity back on course toward good things is through awakenings about reality. People need to understand why they exist.

The topics covered will be:

mental health
inspiring ideas
personal stories
ponderings about life

If you think you have a piece that fits this description and it’s engaging to the reader, we’d love to have you as a…

Stop overthinking it and just fall into the right pattern for you.

rigid schedules and productivity
rigid schedules and productivity
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Do you ever wonder why some people succeed by following a rigid work schedule, while others seem to do well without one? Well, it might be shocking, but the fact is, everyone is different. Yet, there are a million articles on the internet that will advise you on “your perfect productivity routine” or “work hacks” that allow you to work better on a certain schedule. You might be struggling simply because you’re trying to do what someone else advised you because it worked for them.

Newsflash: something that works for someone else may not work for you.

I’m here to…

Spiritual changes happen to you when you’re physically journeying

spiritual life journey
spiritual life journey
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Nothing can be more representative of a journey through life than a road trip. I’ve learned that everything in life is a spiritual experience and there’s meaning everywhere. As I drove this summer over 1,000 miles, I noticed things that were happening to me on a soul level.

Life is a manifestation of the spiritual realm, so anything happening to you is an extension of that manifestation.

Your consciousness is essentially all there is here. Since anything you experience must be in your consciousness, life’s journey is a manifestation of it. If you experience synchronicities and spiritual events, that’s because…

And my therapist is a fortune teller

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Every week, I tune into a reading on Instagram where the magnificent Lindsay of Radiant Revolution pulls cards to tell viewers what to look for in the coming days. I can’t tell you how addictive this is for me. I feel like she’s speaking directly to me. It’s therapy. I feel so healed by these readings.

I’ve never been interested in tarot cards before. Not long ago, I thought it was dumb to believe in cards telling you significant details about your life.

This year, especially because of Instagram, I’ve developed an interest in card readings. Since awakening to this…

I may have an unhealthy obsession with Canva, please help

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I had a harrowing experience recently where an editor of a big publication switched out the image of my story submission. They were just doing what they believe is right, in their world of Unsplash and Pexels images. I can’t fault them for living in the lower realms of awareness. But me? I’ve transcended those free image sites and bought myself a pro account on Canva so I can make the best story images the world has ever seen.

When I saw the replacement image from one of these lesser websites on my article, I wanted to throw up.


The universe keeps giving you an ‘out’ so don’t ignore it.

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I used to wonder why the same bad things kept befalling me. I had relationships that repeatedly ended badly, money never seemed to build up in my bank account, and friendships would eventually make me feel uncomfortable. I was living a pattern, and I was in denial. I admittedly have been fired from three jobs in my life. I kept finding myself working under managers who didn’t get me. I thought I was doomed.

That was before I woke up and realized that life is not what I perceived it to be. I don’t need to keep giving in to…

When you stay connected to your true nature, your problems will fade away

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Do you feel lost? You’re composed of pure consciousness, but it’s so easy to forget this. We all do. As a result of our disconnection from who we really are, lots of confusion happens. It’s the reason you feel terrible. It’s the root of all your problems. If you could just remember that you’re a soul experiencing this physical life, then you’d have a much easier time.

When you’re disconnected from the fact that you’re a soul, these things happen:

You’re stressed.
You’re angry.
You’re at wit’s end.
You feel a sense of despair.

All of these reactions to your…

Emily Jennings

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