All of the Things You Worry About Are Illusions

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment.

Emily Jennings


stop worrying and remember who you are
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Just when you are waking up in the morning, seize that feeling of emerging from that “other place” for a minute. As you become you again — the “you” that this consciousness is used to — do me a favor and question who you really are. Ask where you’ve just been and why you are back here again.

I’ve found that it does me some good to stay connected to the fact that none of this is real. Waking up is a good time to question what all of this really is. What is existence? Our attachments to this consciousness are weaker.

I find it grounding to remember that this “reality” is largely an illusion. Anything that you’re worried about was either manifested by you or sent to you as a karmic test. For some reason, most of the humans in this illusory existence with us are convinced that it is real. They think that worrying is useful and productive. Fear is a big thing on this level of reality.

Somehow, whatever happens, I know I’ll survive. I know I’m enduring whatever it is on this planet I am supposed to be enduring.

As we live our daily lives, it’s easy to disconnect from what’s really going on. It’s easy to get sucked into anxiety. We forget that everything happens for a reason so easily.

State of mind is everything.

I do think that we can literally manifest our realities by just having the right state of mind. Whatever that state is, exactly, is hard to figure out. I personally don’t know what it is. I think if I could imagine what it was, then I would be manifesting everything that I want.

It’s hard to imagine something that you have no concept of. Stepping outside your current state of mind is hard, especially into states that you’ve never experienced.

But we’ll all get there.

Maybe it’s too hard to get into the mindset that you need to succeed at life, but it’s a little more attainable to just remember that nothing is as it seems.



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