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Can’t We Have Original Ideas That Require No References?

You’re allowed to be a philosopher.

Emily Jennings
4 min readApr 19, 2022


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I have a graduate degree in philosophy from a reputable institution, but I usually don’t say this in my writing. Why? Because it doesn’t fucking matter. I can be a philosopher whether or not I was trained as one. That’s what my expensive education taught me.

(I usually don’t use swear words in my writing either.)

You know what I learned as a philosophy student? That the physical world is all there is, and any physical theory that science can’t prove (such as the physicality of thoughts as neuron firings) can be proven through argument and logic, and someday will be proven through science. I spent like fifteen years unlearning that stuff.

I also learned to think critically and how to construct a logical argument. Maybe I learned to write essays, too. Maybe that’s a big deal. I am not going to totally blast my education here.

My point is that if my old lecturers knew what I’m doing now (i.e. reading tarot, meditating, and talking about the fabric of reality as consciousness) they’d be ashamed of me. Recently, I contacted one of them, and asked if she thought the arguments surrounding Presentism (a presently popular philosophical theory of time) ever made her stop and wonder if there really is a greater purpose in everything, and she firmly replied that she gives no attention to any kind of “mysticism.”


So, my question is, why on Earth are there so many writers (and readers) on this platform who need references for every claim I make? Am I not allowed to philosophize without references to back up my ideas? Are people allowed to think for themselves anymore? I am so tired of hearing people refer to well-known philosophers and thinkers of the ages when talking about meditation and the mind.

I have had several people attack my writings just because I didn’t offer links or whatever to my sources. They required me to back up every idea I have, otherwise I am not allowed to make any claims. Apparently, I am in an eternal college classroom without the right to write without at least three sources I found by searching through…



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