Don’t Give Up on Finding Love

There’s always another chance.

Emily Jennings


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The universe works in ways that we largely do not understand. Sometimes a window closes in your life and you think that’s it. It’s over. Only to find out that there was something better waiting for you.

So many of us feel the urge to close our hearts to love once we’ve been hurt. It feels exhausting to put effort into a relationship for a long period of time, only to have it fall apart. It’s something that happens in life — a great disappointment but it’s part of the human journey.

All of existence moves in seasons. We are used to the turning of the planet into night and day. We don’t doubt that the spring always comes again. We harvest crops and then plant them again the next year. So, when we’re experiencing a moment of setbacks in life, why do we forget that things come back around?

Love always comes back around. But you have to stay open to it.

Life is a learning journey. When your heart is broken, you have so much to gain from this experience as a soul. You have healing to do, sure, but when you’re able to love again, you’re more equipped for it. You’ve learned from the trials of love. The scars have made you stronger. You know better how to love fully and you start to attract a partner who is also a little more healed.

With all the valuable lessons you’ve learned, why would you give up on love? You’re more ready for it than ever before. You have wisdom in your pocket. The mistakes and regrets of the past can’t be allowed to hang over your head. Let them go.

You can attract what you seek, but you can’t keep fear in your heart.

You will find pure and good love if that’s what you intend to find. This is because intention is 99% of the manifestation. Don’t settle for less than the best love you can imagine.

To attract this kind of love, you must embody it. Be the lover you desire. When you become this person, your energy changes, and you attract similar energy. Be a person who isn’t afraid and who is strong enough to fully love again.



Emily Jennings

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