Figure Out Who The Experiencer of Your Thoughts Is

Maybe then your life will change

Emily Jennings
4 min readApr 30, 2022


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Life is a bunch of experiences. You think about what’s going on “right now” and what might happen in the future. Very often, you’re thinking of the past in your memory. (Of course, all of these things are in the present moment, giving us an illusion of the passage of time.) You think about what you want for lunch and why someone ghosted you. You worry, feel, think, and judge. The mind is a whole world. But do these thoughts define you? Do they make up your life? Yeah, they kinda do.

All of your life is a myriad of experiences that are mental activities, therefore life is a mental activity. You live within your mind. Reality is consciousness.

So, if you decide that your experiences don’t define you, then maybe you can start to decide what does define you. Are you really just a bundle of thoughts? But they change so often. So, who are you?

Your thoughts aren’t you. But you are experiencing them, right? So who is “you”? Let’s figure that out.

Who or What Are You?

When I’m meditating, I notice that thoughts and feelings arise in me against a kind of backdrop, and then they also fade away. It’s like watching a theater production. The plot just keeps unfolding.

If your thoughts are changing and fleeting, then you can’t really say that’s you, right? You are always here. Your essential nature doesn’t seem to change. And yet, you can’t point to any one thing in your experience that makes this obvious.

There’s no way to prove that you are unchanging if you’re looking to experiences for this proof. There’s nothing you’re ever known except experiences.

But somebody must be the experiencer of the experiences.

This must be you. You’re the thinker of the thoughts. The experiencer that’s holding reality together. This is the thing that doesn’t change while all the experiences seem to be fluid.

Consciousness Is All

We’re swimming in it. It fills our experience of life. It creates what exists. Consciousness is what we are. There is nothing that isn’t



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