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How Primordial Sounds Help You Meditate

A meditation practice that works for everyone

Emily Jennings
3 min readAug 2, 2022


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In my adventures as a meditation teacher, I have seen how people of all backgrounds benefit from the practice. I teach meditation with primordial sounds in the form of a mantra. Using primordial sounds, we can focus on something that not only soothes us but takes us beyond our minds to the state we existed in at the time of birth. Primordial sounds in meditation remind us of the creation of ourselves and where we fit into the universe.

I am certified to teach Primordial Sound Meditation, a style developed by Deepak Chopra. Primordial sounds are the basic vibrations of the universe. Vedic astrology can determine the vibration of the universe at the time you were born and produce a personal mantra for you based on this vibration. In my courses, I present my students with their mantras during a 1–1 ceremony. The personal mantras are special and sacred and not to be shared with others.

A mantra is just a tool — an instrument of the mind. Our minds need a point of focus when they are very busy and uneasy. If your mind can’t easily settle itself, a personal mantra may be just what you needed but never knew. It guides you to focus instead of letting your mind get out of control and distract itself away with all kinds of thoughts.

By repeating a mantra, we can go beyond the mind to somewhere peaceful. We can transcend our busy thoughts. The mind will spontaneously slip into a state of bliss.

A primordial sound-based mantra will allow you to focus your mind on something that has no complex meaning in any language — but it speaks to your soul.

When you chant a primordial sound mantra, even silently in your mind, you are creating those same vibrations that were prominent in the universe when you came into this world. You are letting your mind immerse in vibrations that are the basic building blocks of creation. Your soul speaks this language. The vibrations are familiar to you on this deep level — beyond the surface existence you are normally aware of.



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