How to Align With the Universe

It’s all about releasing lower fears.

Emily Jennings


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I’ve been feeling so aligned lately, and I have reflected on why that is the case. I always want to help others get to a state of peace and inner love, so I wanted to offer some of the wisdom I have acquired along the way.

To be aligned, we must embrace our life purpose and inner longings. Your deepest soul desires are aligned with the desires of the universe — which are always about growth and evolution. As a human collective, we must keep getting better and learning about existence. If your life aligns with this greater purpose of the universe, then you are at peace. Things just start to work out for you and open up.

The ego blocks you from being aligned with the universe because it directs your attention to separation and individuality, which is aligned with its own smaller desires. Your ego just wants you to succeed, not the greater world.

It’s not just your career that matters in alignment. Your dealings with other people and relationships need to be aligned with the greater purpose of the universe. If you’re acting toward others with a sense of anger and disrespect, you can’t be aligned. This can be both in the personal and professional areas. Actions and choices must come from a place of love and care for humanity.

In this article, I will focus on professional alignment with the universe.

You may be intellectually aware of your purpose but you’re having a hard time living it. It takes great courage to step out of a career you’ve worked on for years to embrace a more spiritually-focused profession. The theme of this endeavor is letting go of fears.

Identify Your Fears

To let go of your fears, you have to first know them. This in itself takes great courage. Self-reflection is not something most people appear to be comfortable with. But when you’ve looked within to identify what’s holding you back from a fulfilling life, you will have taken the biggest step.

Money may be the issue for you. It was for me at one time. If you fear being poor and unemployed, then you have to confront this. It feels like a legitimate fear because most of human society has conditioned us to think we have to…



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