How to Make Decisions by Being Fully Present

Cut through distractions and anxiety to what really matters.

Emily Jennings


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We’re in a constant state of anxiety, and society promotes this. There is no one in the mainstream channels of this existence telling us not to think about as many things as we possibly can until we burn out and drop dead from stress.

I recently discovered that when I think about my daily choices, I have the opportunity to base them in the present moment and all that I can access here and now. Alternatively, I could try to make decisions based on my fears and anxieties about the future or past, which are not in this present moment.

Why do this to ourselves?

When we make decisions with our minds fully present, we open up the ability to think clearly, reduce our anxieties, and focus on what’s important. Our lives can literally change.

Here are some of the ways we can become more present.


As a baseline, we should always start with gratitude. Finding things to be grateful for will always go hand-in-hand with being fully present. That’s because gratitude shifts our perspective to what we already have instead of a lack mindset.

You can’t just pick out a few things to be grateful for. You have to go all the way! Look around you and find gratitude in your heart for your situation, your health, your relationships, the sun, the sky, and the air you breathe. If you stop the fear about the things you think you need but don’t have, then you are always in a state of peace.

When you see what’s in front of you right now and acknowledge its great worth, you transform yourself into someone who is looking at the present moment only. The decisions you make start to become derived from your current situation and what you see and feel right now instead of from the fears of what might be.

Let Go of Fear About the Past or Future

The past is gone and the future isn’t here yet. You can’t control them. All we will ever know is the present moment.

Understand this basic principle, and your decisions will become clearer.



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