How to Manifest By Doing Nothing

Part of manifestation is letting go.

Emily Jennings
3 min readMar 15, 2024


manifest your dreams by doing nothing
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To have the life you truly desire and deserve, you must leave some things up to the universe to arrange for you. Not every detail needs to be within your grasp or control. Even if you have clearly defined what you want, worked on your self-worth, and matched the vibration of what you’re seeking, you still have to complete one last step: surrender all of it to the universe. Trust. It will come.

Stop worrying about it. You don’t have to do anything more. It’s coming. Co-create with unseen forces.

When we grasp onto something tightly, it scares it away. The energy of focusing on what you want too much can become cumbersome if it’s coming from a place of lack. You may not know you’re in the energy of lack — it may be subconscious. But it can affect your manifestations greatly.

Do nothing. Instead of doing something, just let it all go.

The Need for Control

One of the most prevalent concerns with my clients in spiritual coaching is the need for control. They are so used to keeping control of their lives, and then some great event occurs that challenges that. This is how life works: you get the lessons you need, and often, the lesson is that you are too…



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