How You Attract Your Own Misery

Your physical life isn’t the whole story.

Emily Jennings
4 min readSep 7, 2022


the law of attraction and suffering
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I’ve spent a lot of the past year trying to figure out whether we cause the things that happen to us. I have concluded that we cause most of it ourselves. We attract a large portion of our circumstances— especially the day-to-day, seemingly mundane situations.

Don’t have enough money for what you need or want? Yeah, you caused that with your lack mindset. Lacking the depth in your romantic relationship that you so badly crave? Yep, you attracted this because you don’t have enough self-love. Wondering why nothing ever seems to work out? That’s all you and your feelings of unworthiness.

Now, I will argue that we cause most of the stuff happening to us — but not all. There are things in this world — such as corporate apartment complexes and fruit toppings on pizza— that are just there to suck the life out of you despite what you’ve done to be a good person.

However, there are things we attract. Your suffering is of your own making, largely. Let’s focus on what you can do to change your life.

As a disclaimer, I should say I am not totally “working it” with my own reality…yet. It’s funny how an understanding of these things is different from putting them into action. I’ll explain why this is the case.

The Law of Attraction

It’s simple but easy to forget. We live in a world where we are taught to believe that hard work leads to success and that everything that matters is on the surface — in the three dimensions. We’re taught to think that the hard work will pay off and it doesn’t matter if we step on others or have negative thoughts in our minds. We are conditioned to believe that our internal life doesn’t effect our external worlds.

The law of attraction is that you attract what you put out into the universe. You reap what you sow. You get what you give. It’s not complicated at all.

What goes into the world from your energy field is what will come back at you.

You might say, “But I am doing a good job and trying to be a good person!” Unfortunately, life is just never this straightforward.



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