I Wish I Was Dead, but Not in a Bad Way

Why does death have to be so undesirable?

Emily Jennings
5 min readFeb 14, 2022


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I’m over the way people look at death. It’s never made sense to me. Being “dead” and being “alive” are just two states of being. It’s pretty obvious to me that being alive as a human being is super painful most of the time.

I know from meditative journeys and talks with my spirit guide team that this life is fleeting and we are essentially spirits who have come here for whatever god-awful reason and somehow we are encouraged to keep enduring it. (Just kidding, I know the reason we came here. I just question it daily because I feel like it.)

Life is short and it’s really hard.

So, why is it such a problem if I say “I wish I was dead” on a bad day? Why can’t people talk about death and life as if they are just wearing different outfits from day to day? Life is fleeting. It’s a fact that we will all die.

Let’s talk about this candidly. Maybe we can start to normalize an approach to death that isn’t full of fear. Maybe peoples’ responses to talking about death can start to be less reactive. It’s going to happen to us all. Just chill.

Only Different States of Being

Is it terrible if I talk about the before-birth period of my existence? No. Nobody gets offended by that. So, why should we be so bothered when someone talks about the point of their human existence ending? Whatever.

I’m over it. Just stop. Talking about wanting to be dead sometimes isn’t offensive, evil, or scary. It’s just like talking about a trip I might take next year. It’s a state of existence that will undoubtedly be a lot nicer than the one I am currently in, but it’s not like I’m trying to rush through life to get there. Well, hey, sometimes I feel like I am drudging through life in order to get there. I am allowed to talk about it as one of my destinations.

The point is, it’s coming. It’s inevitable. And there should be no reason why I can’t talk about it.

Why Is the Topic Taboo?

I shouldn’t be shamed for saying I wish I was dead. People shouldn’t think that I need therapy because I say death is not to be feared…



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