If You Try to Control It, You Scare It Away

You have to learn to let go and let life flow.

Emily Jennings


Attempting to grab control is a denial of your nature.
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It has become obvious to me throughout my exploration of spiritual truths that we have to let something go if we want it to manifest. When we focus on it, obsess, pine after it, and chase, it tends to run away. It fades. That’s because when you do these things, you’re showing fear. Fear is not an attractor of anything but more fear.

What you truly want will run away in fear, mirroring your own feelings. It makes it harder to catch it — and I’m talking energetically. You have to ease up and trust.

Trust the universe. Trust yourself. Understand that everything has its time and your only job is to try to find love and joy in the present moment. Do what brings you and others feelings of peace and happiness. Always. You don’t have to do anything else.

Don’t try to force it. Learn to let go.

This is the hardest part of the journey of life for all of us. Letting go of control is the biggest thing you can ever do for your spiritual path. Once you master this, you will find a sense of lightness and liberation. It requires self-reflection. You have to be able to pull back whenever you find yourself trying to keep control. Meditation helps with this process, but it takes a lot of inner awareness, which is a great spiritual feat.

Release Your Grip

Understand that as long as you are chasing, holding on tightly, and trying to keep something, it creates an energetic phenomenon of negativity that repels the very thing you want and desire. This concept is nothing new. It’s found in many, if not all, of the world’s cultural religions and traditions.

Releasing the tight grip you have on the things you’re scared of losing is important. It shows the universe that you aren’t afraid and makes way for fulfillment, abundance, and joy to flourish. Let it flow, let it go. Don’t show the fear that will actually make it more likely to lose the very thing you fear. (Disney’s Elsa knows about this!)

Let it be what it needs to be and enjoy the journey without expectations. If the object of your desires is only temporary, then embrace that idea and learn to love in…



Emily Jennings

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