Most People Have No Idea What Love Is

To love and be loved, we must surrender.

Emily Jennings
4 min readNov 28, 2022


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We take for granted that everyone knows what love is. It can be described in storybooks, poetry, and spiritual sources, but unless you have really loved someone, you don’t know what it is. People will try to explain love to you, but most times you have heard about love, you’re hearing about obsession, attraction, or lust. Many people think of love as the desire to control or the loss of control.

And the more worrisome problem is that people are operating under the illusion that they have been in love, so they know what it is. Their future experiences of this so-called ‘love’ are tainted based on the pain they’ve experienced in the past. They are the people who will tell you that love is pain, love is dangerous, and it’s full of drama.

Their voices are loud and well heard because the majority of people in this world are hurting and would rather hear how there’s no love in the world than make themselves available to be hurt again. They deny that love exists because for them, love is a harrowing experience. They would rather have the illusion of protection against love than open themselves to it — that would terrify them. They are hurting that much.

But I am here to tell you that love is real. It’s not like most people think. It isn’t toxic or harmful. It’s not even complicated. It’s something beyond the face of the physical world.

Love is unbridled, transcendent, and limitless. Anyone who tries to convince you that it’s restrictive, heavy, and limiting has no idea what they’re talking about. They simply don’t know what love is at all.

It’s Not a Choice

Real love just comes at us without warning — often in the most inconvenient circumstances — and it is best to surrender to it. Struggling against love — the most powerful force in the universe — is not wise.

Yes, love at first sight exists. Yes, love is so deep that you feel the person telepathically. Yes, love makes us do crazy things. Because it’s not a choice, it just happens. It’s a miracle. It’s okay to lose yourself in it.

People who don’t understand love will think that we can control our feeling of love. They think we choose…



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