My Highest Earning Articles Were Never Curated

An important lesson for writers on Medium

To this day, after writing seriously on Medium for about four months, I have learned a valuable lesson: people like it when you have a niche. They might like it so much that the Medium algorithm could miss your writing’s value but the readers will still identify it. I have just two majorly popular articles on Medium, presented below, and neither were ever distributed, or as we sometimes call it, curated. in my short time writing on this platform, I’ve learned that people like my spiritual writing, and that’s all that matters.

For proof of my earnings and that they were never distributed by Medium, here are screenshots of their stats:

screenshot by author
screenshot by author

These are two of my earliest spiritual posts on Medium. They give readers a sense that there is more to life than meets the eye. I take it as a major sign that people are really looking for spiritual answers, and that’s fantastic.

If your writing is good, readers will find it.

I’ll also say that some of my other popular articles were also never distributed, such as My Daughter Told Me Where She Was Before Her Birth. It always makes me laugh when I get great responses from readers but Medium didn’t see the value in that particular bit of writing.

I think the successful writers on this platform are those who aren’t focused on strategy as much as writing from the heart. It’s good to understand the system, too, but readers are what matters above all else. Not the algorithms and the editors of publications — although I have some great editors who support me. If your writing is good, readers will find it. (Of course, using appropriate tags does help.)

Scrooge’s Dark Night of the Soul got popular one day a few weeks after it was published because a “Medium editor’s picks” type of email went out that included a link to it. That was awesome and unexpected. I had only been writing on here for a short time. You just never know what will happen. Isn’t life fun?

I don’t have much of an explanation for I’ve Learned to Receive Messages from the Universe getting more reads suddenly, months after writing it. I really don’t. I just trust that the universe is directing focus and attention to where it needs to go, inspiring others. And I continue to receive its messages.

So, my advice to all the new writers on Medium out there: find a niche and don’t care about what will please the mainstream crowds. Don’t worry about the algorithms. My theory is that people are tired of seeing similar topics all the time and they love authenticity. Writing in a niche provides authenticity and vice versa. Go with your gut; your heart.

Hi, I’m Emily. I write about wellness, consciousness, and existence, and I enjoy connecting with others who are waking up. I coach others in their journeys to perfect health through Ayurveda and meditation. Visit my website and social media pages to connect, support, and find out more about me.

The divine in me recognizes the divine in you.

I write to shock you into healing | Wellness & Oneness Writing | Meditation & Ayurveda Teacher | IG: @wellnessoneness |

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