Once Awakened, You Must Align With the Universe

This is what’s missing from many spiritual practices.

Emily Jennings
5 min readJun 15, 2024


spiritual enlightenment isn’t just about you
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There are many ways spirituality can show up in our lives. What does it mean to be a spiritual person? As you progress through your spiritual evolution, your relationship with the universe can manifest in different ways. Here are some ways people define spirituality:

  • The belief that everything is connected (oneness)
  • Awakening to a higher level of consciousness and a clearer understanding of human life
  • An awareness of a greater intelligence beyond human consciousness
  • The belief that consciousness and/or life force exist in all things
  • An understanding of the afterlife
  • Trust that an unseen entity or intelligence is supporting you

You may identify with some or all of the above definitions of spirituality. But why are you spiritual? You have to know why you’ve had an awakening. It’s not just to have a new understanding and trust. Being aware of reality is just the first step.

Though exciting, a spiritual awakening isn’t worth very much if you don’t do something different with your life. Your reasons for being spiritual are as important as knowing what is really going on in the…



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