See the World as an Expression Of You.

Don’t get mad; see the connections there.

Emily Jennings


mirroring in the world
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It’s easy to feel separate. Everything about our existence teaches us to believe we are separate.

To see yourself as an extension of the world takes a bit of reflection. To see yourself as an expression of the world takes a lot of it. And to see the world as an expression of you takes courage. You have to be willing to set aside any ego and really delve into the “why” of it all.

You have to be able to fully self-analyze, which most people never bother to do.

Lately, I have been seeing people come up in my life who are mirroring my struggles. On the surface, I feel like I’m doing fine, but someone will say something or present a problem that is exactly what I thought I had moved past. It triggers a response in me. It can make me mad if I let it.

Instead, I try to see it as an expression of the world as it mirrors my life back at me. It’s irony. It’s like a movie script. Sometimes, it even makes me laugh.

Nothing is an accident. And we attract what we produce into the world tenfold.

If you work on yourself and try to heal from your past, good things will happen to you, but also the next-level challenges will start coming at you. It’s just the way it is. The world is an extension and expression of you at all times. If you exude positivity, positive things come — but I’ve found that hurdles to your positivity also materialize. Maybe it’s to help us and others learn lessons. If you exude negativity, then you won’t find much to be happy about on this plane.

I recently tried to heal myself from fear of loss and fear of things never going right for me. I thought I had conquered these fears by injecting myself with positive thoughts every time the fears came up. And then, a person materialized before me who I respect immensely, telling me that the world isn’t fair, and things happen all the time outside my control. It scares me to hear these words that I had eliminated from my inner being. I had to stop myself from giving in to that darkness again.



Emily Jennings

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