Spiritual, but Still Living in Fear

What’s the point of understanding if you’re not practicing?

Emily Jennings


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What does “spiritual” mean if you’re not practicing oneness? When you awaken to the fact that everything is connected, you should behave as such. But it’s so hard for a lot of people to do that. Why can’t people act like love is all that matters?

Spirituality isn’t just about energy and crystals. It’s about releasing fear and getting in touch with your soul, therefore also with the souls of everyone.

The ego easily gets in our way of feeling a deep connection with everything around us. It’s what causes separation. It’s possible to understand oneness and how consciousness is expansive without practicing it because the ego can allow knowledge without action. And it will do anything to prevent you from stepping into that true spiritual lifestyle because it wants to maintain separation and fear.

So, the ego creates stories about how it’s so spiritual. It will concoct ways to seem full of love and light without any substance, like practicing rituals, lighting candles, burning sage, charging crystals, and yoga. It will do anything to keep from going too deep.

Unfortunately, spiritual practice isn’t real unless it’s about oneness and love. Being aware of spirit means practicing expansive thinking instead of constrictive.

Maintaining Separation When We Should Be Coming Together

When you wake up to the fact that everything is connected, then how can you do anything that promotes separation? And yet many of us do it. In a moment of stress or fear, we maintain separation with judgments, beliefs, and emotions. It’s an automatic reaction to things in our lives that we can start to control through focus.

If you’re spiritual, then you should be working on yourself, full stop. You can’t just dabble in these things. You have to own them.

Any part of your mind that’s rooted in fear has to be healed and reflected on. You should be cultivating love and expansiveness rather than fear and separation.

People around you are one with you. Everything you do should reflect this. What…



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