There Is No End to the Depths Of Love

It is infinite.

Emily Jennings


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Someone I really loved died five months ago. I’ve had five months to think about it, cry about it, and try to live life even though I feel like it was me who died. But the fog has cleared a little. I am now able to think about it without violent outbursts of emotions and sadness. Now it’s more about remembering. There’s still sadness, but it has settled in some. Some truths have come to the surface.

My dear readers, the lesson I want to share with you today is that love is infinite. People die, nothing ever stays the same, and the universe is constantly in flux. But love is constant. And it is everywhere.

This person taught me that love has no boundaries. There’s no end to its depths. It only expands and expands. And I got to experience that because of him. Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I type these words, but they must be expressed — and I know that the grief I feel is an expression of this infinite love.

Death isn’t the end of us. His death wasn’t the end of his real self, as this was only a role he was playing in one lifetime. And this isn’t the real me who is sitting in front of this computer composing this message to you — it’s a role I am privileged to play as it is a conduit for love. The love we had didn’t die when we were separated by life and death. These roles we are playing are illusions. The situations we live through are also illusions. But love is never an illusion.

There’s always hope for higher love.

Someone reminded me yesterday that I am so lucky. I got to experience unconditional love.

I don’t know why the universe graced me with this experience. I don’t know exactly why he had to be taken away, either. But I believe we are all following a script here, and it is exactly as it’s meant to be. Nothing in this world exists except to increase love and to lead us on a path to understanding love. Since these roles we’re playing are fleeting and temporary, we are living them so that our higher selves can understand the depths of love.

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