What It Means to Surrender to The Universe

Getting out of the way of your own mind isn’t easy.

Emily Jennings


Surrender to the universe and step away from the ego
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The universe wants you to live your best life. Since you’re part of it, when you’re happy, you add to the overall well-being of its vast existence.

We’re inside of an evolving, well-organized, and loving universe. It isn’t winning unless everyone is winning. So, when you surrender to the universe, you set your own individual needs aside and allow the directives of the universe to guide you effortlessly toward your success.

It’s not so easy all the time. Our egos want to pull us this way and that, showing us paths that may involve struggle and strife but lure us in nonetheless with shiny, enticing things that bring an illusion of happiness. We overthink and invent hopes and dreams for ourselves that align with our ego, not with the universe overall.

The true clear path becomes less obvious as many paths open, all promising some desirable outcome. As long as we chase riches, status, fame, and material possessions, we will be unable to see the correct path. The clarity is muddied by all kinds of wants and desires coming from the small self instead of the universe.

But you can step aside and allow the universe back in. All you have to do is let go.

Regain Clarity for Yourself

You already have a connection to the universe — it never left you. But you’ve layered a lot of confusing goals and activities on top of it, so you may have to dig deep to find it again. But we are all connected to source and we are all part of a whole. You are a divine being.

To surrender to the universe, you need to get out of the way of your own mind. Let go of your identity a bit. You don’t need to be busy all of the time and believe it or not, success isn’t always a product of hard work. Sometimes it’s a product of getting into a flow.

Be more flexible, and let the river flow to the ocean in the most graceful way it can. Only a fool would try to re-route a river!

Release the Struggle



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