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Why Are We Teaching People to Protect Their Energy?

You’re already protected.

Emily Jennings
5 min readNov 6, 2023


Let your light shine
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I just returned from a psychic conference at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach. There were several speakers including Echo Bodine, who was impressive. But there were other talks in the program that focused on how to develop and handle psychic abilities — namely, intuition — and I was disturbed by the number of times it was recommended to “protect your energy” when dealing with psychic activities.

I spend a lot of my focus teaching that everything should come from a place of love. We should not be instilling fear in others about things that they can’t see, hear, or touch. We ourselves have to be vigilant not to give in to irrational fears as well. This kind of thing can send us spiraling into paranoia about being ‘attacked’ by negative energies.

Our efforts are of far better use in the world to increase love and compassion, not to focus on whatever is wrong in the universe that can hurt us. Whatever there is to fear in the spiritual realms has a counterpart on Earth in the physical realm — “As above, so below”. Just as you would be better off not thinking about whatever you have to fear in this realm, you shouldn’t focus on what there is to fear in the higher (or lower) realms. You can choose to be someone who exudes light or someone who is constantly worried about what someone (or something) is going to do to them.

It was interesting that these conference speakers never told the audience what they needed to fear. What would happen if I simply ignored their advice and never “protected my energy”? This was never made clear. I currently do psychic readings and I have never experienced anything negative that I attribute to a psychic attack of any kind.

So, it made me start to worry about why these people are spreading these messages. Are they just regurgitating what spiritual people have said in the past without knowing why they do these protection rituals? Or are they really afraid of some unseen adversary?

I wanted to add my voice to the collective to give a counterargument. There are no voices telling people that you have nothing to be afraid of. No spiritual leaders are telling people…



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