Why Your Soul Must Continue to Ascend

The downward plunge and the upward spiral

Emily Jennings


the labyrinth of the soul
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To most of us, it seems insane that our souls would choose to come to this planet to experience this wild mess we call human life. That’s the surface-level ego talking — telling us that this is way too difficult and maddening to put ourselves through anything like this. From where we stand, it seems like Earth is full of beauty but also full of tragedy.

But the soul knows we’re here for a good reason. We came here to experience a wild adventure so we could have the full spectrum of human emotions and learn about ourselves in ways we never could on a higher plane. We came here to learn.

It’s not an option to just sit back and do nothing here. You have to be all-in. You can’t leave whenever you feel like it. You can’t just check out. Your soul is committed to this — and it still wants to be here. Anything you do here is significant. You don’t get a vacation or a break from soul learning. You have to keep ascending.

You came here to experience all the thrills, the highs and the lows, and all the lessons. You have to evolve.

Literally, all you really need to worry about is integrating your lessons into your life and always making the choices for yourself that you know are best. It’s astonishingly simple. In a way, it’s comforting that all you need to do is face the discomfort.

Graduating from Karmic Cycles

You’re constantly being presented with choices and situations that challenge you. The universe knows what you’ve chosen in the past, and it wants to see if you’ve learned the lessons. If you constantly make the same bad decisions, repeating past cycles, then you aren’t improving — are you? So, like….don’t do that.

I am trying to make you understand this. Your career doesn’t matter. Your money doesn’t matter. Your body image doesn’t matter. Your possessions and your house and your car really don’t matter. Your social status doesn’t matter. What matters? Your soul ascension. You have to be making the best decisions possible at every moment in time.

You don’t want to keep going round and…



Emily Jennings

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