Your Job Is Not You

Here’s why you hate your job and how to escape.

Emily Jennings


don’t identify with your job
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It shocks me every time I meet someone who thinks they should introduce themselves by giving me their profession. Who are they without their jobs? Of course, if your profession is deeply rooted in your spiritual purpose on Earth, I could understand, but being a lawyer or a freelance photographer isn’t anyone’s soul purpose. That’s a job. It might be an enjoyable job, but it’s a job, it’s not an identity.

You’re a soul having a human experience. The job or career you have right now does not add value to you as a soul. You already had value. Your job is just something you’ve chosen to take on while on this human journey.

You play many roles in this life, but none of them define who you really are.

If you don’t know who you are unless you have a job, then you have some major inner work to start. Don’t delay! It’s important to know who you really are without any of the things that you think make up your life.

Jobs can come and go. All things do — relationships, possessions, money — and if you attach to them, you will someday find yourself very disappointed. Your job is transient, but your identity is not. You’re something beyond it.

Imagine Yourself Without Fears

What if you didn’t have to make money? What would you do with your time? Whatever the answer is — that’s you. You’re a daydreamer, you’re a nurturer, you’re a healer, you’re an animal charmer, you’re a lover. You could be so many things.

Unless your job is one hundred percent channeling your soul’s purpose, you definitely should not be identifying yourself with your job. You probably shouldn’t be doing that job if it’s not channeling it at least half the time.

You owe it to yourself to use every minute of the day doing things that bring you joy and feel aligned with your true self.

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