Your Mind Is Creating This Dream

Wake up and let it thrill you.

Emily Jennings
4 min readApr 7, 2024


Wake up to this dream
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This life is a dream. None of this is real — not in the sense we often think it is. Humanity operates within a system, approaching physical objects as solid instead of made of tiny energetic particles. The collective consciousness has dreamed all of this up. It approaches existence as having strict boundaries when the only restrictions on you here exist within your own mind.

This is a mass illusion. It’s not a delusion — because nothing is wrong with it, besides what we decide is wrong while dreaming. You have choices — you don’t have to buy into this illusion. You can observe the great dream and determine how you will enjoy it while you’re here instead of allowing it to determine your mental state.

You are not supposed to be a slave in this dream.

When you wake up, things change. Spiritual awakenings allow you to see that the hard parts of existence as a human are part of a great journey, and you can learn to see it as a thrilling adventure instead of a tragedy. Lucidity is transcendence.

Life isn’t a tragedy. Only when we get so attached to our physical existence here does it become hard, and we become like slaves to it. But that’s a choice.

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