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Emily Jennings
I write to shock you into healing | Wellness & Oneness Writing | Meditation & Ayurveda Teacher | IG: @wellness_oneness |

The universe is trying to get in touch. Don’t miss the messages.

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Your life is full of meaning. There isn’t a single thing happening to you that is random or meaningless. The universe has consciousness and intelligence in every inch of its being. You are part of its being, so you are full of the same intelligence and consciousness. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that everywhere you turn, there are messages and manifestations of that meaning.

The universe is working with you.

You just need to start working with it.

Most people don’t even try to work with it. They assume that life is harsh and that they must make…

It’s a great release to be able to write your thoughts. It can also re-direct your life’s path.

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Journaling is an exercise in healing. It’s cleansing. It allows you to solve your own problems. But it can also help you manifest your dreams.

So many of us choose to struggle against our problems in a victim mindset, never taking ownership of our own mental health and our sovereignty over our circumstances.

But not you. No. You’re going to heal yourself and rise above.

That’s why you clicked on this article. You’re ready.

So, let me explain how journaling will help you heal while also manifesting your intentions. …

Lack of confidence leaves me sounding distinctly different on “paper” than I do when expressing myself through voice

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When I write, it is liberating. I get to say whatever I want to its completion without being interrupted, shamed, judged, or derailed.

I don’t have to look at the reader’s face while typing as they receive my words in real-time. I feel the freedom to express myself in a flow state.

Why do I feel like crap when I speak instead of write? To be candid, it’s because of the patriarchy. I didn’t realize this, of course, till I was in my thirties. I had no idea that my voice had been routinely suppressed and silenced my entire life…

Spiritual Humor

Leave your internet love life to the universe

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I can’t hide the fact that I downloaded some dating apps this week and started swiping with my eyes closed. A psychic medium told me to, I swear.

I have never done dating apps before, and it feels wrong. It feels deeply wrong. I can’t feel an intuitive connection through an image of a guy in sunglasses with his shirt off holding a beer on a sailboat. It’s meaningless.

What’s meaningful? Closing my eyes and going nuts with swipes to the left and right.

Letting Spirit tell me which way to swipe.

Guys, I’m serious. The only way to find…

You’re only in it for a short time anyway. Focus on your spiritual growth!

attention to the physical body excludes attention to spiritual health
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Some people spend a lot of time and effort working out and depriving themselves of food so that they can have a body that they think looks good. What’s crazy to me is that they take pride in it. If I can look at you and tell that you’re deeply attached to your physical form, I can also place a pretty confident bet that you’re overlooking yourself mentally and spiritually.

Don’t you want to be a better human being instead of a chiseled-bodied perfect-looking human being?

You might be thinking that you probably could figure out how to be both…

The implications of attempting to embody an image on social media

human influencer
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Vulnerability is inspiring. When someone in the public eye shows their human side and reminds us that they, too, have struggles, nothing is more interesting. Especially if they tell us how they solved their issues.

Not all of us have speechwriters. Not all of us have someone handling PR for us. When you’re starting out as a content creator, a writer, a thought leader, or an influencer, you have to handle this aspect of the journey on your own.

You may not know the best approach for your personal branding — many people fall into the trap of trying to…

Here’s how I released the guilt and shame that was serving no one

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I felt ashamed that I was becoming someone totally different. My coworkers and supervisors would never understand.

It was terrifying to imagine that they might figure out who I really was. I was undercover after hours as a content creator on the side. My authentic self was cowering in the darkness so that I could operate as an office employee. Has this happened to you?

We are supposed to stay mindless, and we are supposed to enjoy the corporate world. Right? I felt like somehow I’d be judged for not doing so. There would be ridicule.

I forced myself to…

Preserve your mental health and stop the nonsense.

dating apps are nonsense
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One Valentine’s Day when I lived in South Korea, I was taken to a park where I witnessed a very strange thing — a love auction.

Some guy with a microphone took boys from the audience onto the stage. Shy, giggly girls raised their hands if they wanted to be his girlfriend. Then, they’d pin down which girl the guy liked the most and the couple would awkwardly walk away hand-in-hand.

At that moment, my friends and I just sighed and said “Oh, Korea.” But now I see that I was being snobbish and narrow-minded. Why? …

Emily Jennings

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